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The Ethics Commission held its 5th meeting of 2016 on April 26, 2016. 

The Commission took the following actions:

Issued Advisory Opinion 2016-14 to Stephen S. Neuman, the Chief of Staff to the Governor of the State of Rhode Island, opining that the proposed recusal procedures set forth by him are both reasonable and sufficient to avoid potential conflicts of interest related to pending legislation regarding daily fantasy sports games, and potential regulation of such games.

Issued Advisory Opinion 2016-15 to Nina Pande, a member of the Providence School Board, opining that she is prohibited by the Code of Ethics from seeking or accepting employment with the City of Providence as the Mayor’s Director of Policy because Commission Regulation 36-14-5014 prohibits such employment for members of the School Board and the circumstances represented therein did not justify an exception.

Issued Advisory Opinion 2016-16 to Leslie MacDougall, an Environmental Health Food Specialist for the Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Food Protection, opining that she is not prohibited by the Code of Ethics from working, on her own time and in her private capacity, as a food safety consultant for food establishments in Connecticut and/or Massachusetts, provided that: she does not perform such work for establishments that operate within the State of Rhode Island; she performs such work on her own time and without the use of public resources or equipment; she does not use her public employment to recruit or obtain potential clients; and she declines to accept any private consulting work for any food establishments in Massachusetts and/or Connecticut owned by the same person(s) who own a food establishment within her assigned region of public employment in Rhode Island.

Issued Advisory Opinion 2016-17 to John Shehan, a former member of the Newport Historic District Commission, opining that he does not qualify for a hardship exception and is prohibited by Rhode Island General Laws § 36-14-5(e)(4) from representing his clients before his former board until one year has elapsed from the date of his resignation.

Issued Advisory Opinion 2016-18 to Daniel M. Gendron, a member of the Woonsocket City Council, opining that he is not prohibited by the Code of Ethics from participating in the City Council’s consideration of a Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreement for Mount Saint Charles Academy, a private Catholic junior-senior high school attended by the Petitioner’s daughter.

In the matter of In re: Donald J. Lally, Jr., Complaint No. 2015-7, unanimously voted to grant a Motion to Enlarge Time, Second Extension.