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The staff of the Ethics Commission has responsibility for the daily operations of the agency. The Executive Director is the chief administrative officer, directs all investigative and enforcement activities, prosecutes complaints before the Commission, litigates matters before the Superior and Supreme Courts of Rhode Island, and coordinates policy decisions of the Commission. The Education Coordinator designs, develops and directs all educational programs, including seminars and publications, acts as a liaison to the public and the media, and coordinates the Commission's advisory opinion and public access programs. The Senior Staff Attorney oversees investigative matters, conducts prosecutions, represents the Commission in court litigation and drafts legal recommendations for the Commission regarding advisory opinions, legislation and policy matters. Staff Attorneys draft advisory opinions, and represent the Commission in investigations, prosecutions and litigation matters. The Investigators investigate complaints filed by private parties and by the Commission, oversee preliminary investigations and process and review non-complaint information received by and/or referred to the Commission. The Office Manager and ancillary staff maintain all financial disclosure and complaint records and provide administrative support to all Commission programs and activities. Considerable staff time is devoted to creating and maintaining accessible records for public inspection. Staff respond to hundreds of requests for information and access to public records maintained by the Commission.



Rhode Island Ethics Commission 222-3790
Executive Director/Chief Prosecutor Kent A. Willever, Ext. 10
Senior Staff Attorney Katherine D'Arezzo, Ext. 16
Education Coordinator/Staff Attorney Jason Gramitt, Ext. 17
Staff Attorney Teresa Giusti, Ext. 20
Staff Attorney Teodora Popova Papa, Ext. 11
Chief of Investigations Steven Cross, Ext. 22
Deputy Chief Investigator Peter J. Mancini, Ext. 19
Investigator Gary Petrarca, Ext. 13
Office Manager Tracy Teixeira, Ext. 12
Financial Disclosure Officer Michelle Berg, Ext. 15
Administrative Assistant Vacant, Ext. 21
Research Aide Sherilyn Gutierrez, Ext. 10


Legal Counsel

The services of the Legal Counsel are retained independent of the executive director or other Commission employees. The counsel responds to questions of law posed by Commission members. The Commission’s Legal Counsel is Herbert F. DeSimone, Jr., Esq.